Friday, January 2, 2009

KDCF Work Part 11 January 2009 by our District Pengerusi , Puan Raja Teh

Message from Puan Raja Teh (Pengerusi, Majlis Pengakap Daerah Bukit Bintang)

A very Happy New Year to all ! Hope everyone had a nice one over Christmas and this weekend. Its time again to start to ramp up for the next Trail Day at KDCF. The second session was supported by a much smaller group. Even with the slightly damped conditions, the troops did quite a bit of work and manage to forward several hundred meters. All in all the second session was a great success.

Now for the third session, we again call for volunteers to join us in building the KDCF trail. Please pen the date in your calendar and see you at the work party.

Here are the details

TRAKS Special Work Party

Sunday January 11th 0800 to 1200
Kota Damansara Community Forest

We once again call upon BB scouts help build this potentially great trail. We will need help especially from those who have done trail work before. If you are coming please drop me an email. We need to estimate the numbers so we can plan better for task assignment and also catering for snacks and refreshments.

Most of what we will be doing will involve earthwork so the tool of choice will be a proper changkul. Saws, rakes and shovels may also come in handy as a second tool. Sturdy shoes are recommended - no flip flops please. And of course mozzie repellent and enough water and trail snacks to get you through a four hour work session.

Raja Teh

Others begin the New Year with big celebration , party, dancing , eating, fireworks etc. The Bukit Bintang Scouts have choosen the KDCF WORK PARTY to welcome the New Year, we would like to be different and we would also like to keep ourselves with good health and continuing serving the community. Brother & Sister scouts, lets get our hand dirty on 11 January at 8.00-1200pm to continue our commitment to build the trail for the KDCF. Please call or e mail DC Kenneth Soh at 0123290663 or

Happy New Year and Happy Scouting!

Kenneth Soh

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