Friday, August 6, 2010

Kem Sikap Pengakap Remaja 2010/02

DEAR senior scouts (PENGAKAP REMAJA)


State has schedule the next King Scout Camp at March / April 2011. (held once a year only)

There will be a KEM SIKAP be held for Bangsar district, detail of Camp as follows:-
Date : 3rd - 6th Dec 2010

Eligibility : (1) Registered Senior Scouts (Pengakap Remaja) 2010.

(2) Senior Scouts (Pengakap Remaja) who have awarded Rambu Kuning

or has minimum completed 5 Lencana Tertinggi

(3) Age : 16yrs old below age 18yrs old

Contact Person: ADC Latihan, Encik JH CHAI 012 686 3135 or

PIP Dearah Program, En Melvin Sheak 016 211 8557 or


District will held a Senior Scouts Journey ( Lencana Esperdisi )

Date: September / October 2010

Assembly at:- Sekolah Kebangsaan MBS, KL

Time: Friday evening to Saturday evening

Eligibility : (1) Finish Badge Jaya Journey

(2) Age : 15yrs old below age 18yrs old
Contact Person:
PLS reply and register your troop with patrol members details to above

person in charge before September 2010! thanks.

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