Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kursus Pengenalan KP 2388, WPKL

The Kursus Pengenalan KP2388 has been done on the 22nd Nov 2009. Using a discussion way of running the course. it seem to be more particle and easy understanding on the topic.

Our Tuan SC Mejar Mior, S/U Latihan En. Surendran, ASC Pertabiran Steven has visit us and give our new Leader a talk on the scouting and the way of bring the scout troop up.

We are looking forward to the Manikayu Kursus Peringkat 1, coming 18-20 december, At now we have confirm 20 leaders is join up the MK 1 unit PKK and PM. Hope to see you all there.

For information on the MK 1 pls write to or 012 686 3135 (J.H.CHAI)

Closing date for MK 1 unit PKK and PM will be 8th Dec 2009.
Pls request the forms from J.H.CHAI for reservation.

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