Monday, November 3, 2008

Kota Damansara Community Forest Project 2 November 2008

It was our first experience helping Traks and the Kota Damansara Community Forest ("KDCF")to build trails for the Kota damansara Forest. The group who made up of Volunteers from KDCF, Traks and also Scouts from Bukit Bintang, totaling about 50 peoples had done about 200m of good trail work on 2nd November 2008 from 0800 to 1200. . The target is to construct a 2 km circuit to be built over 6 months through volunteer labour. Our Chairman , Puan Raja Teh will be fixing a date in December soon and we hope all the Scouts will continue to participate with this project.

We hope to see our Scouts and all the dedicated leaders at the coming sessions (once a month) where we can proudly proclaim having being part of the team to have built the first ever trail in KDCF. As repeatedly mentioned by Raja Teh, it is her wish that with greater use of the forest we will be able to defend the forest from being "developed".

We also hope via the works from the project, our Scouts will be able to acquire the knowledge in trail building and sustainable use of the forest. It is only with getting their hands dirty can they appreciate the efforts by others in providing access to forests for the enjoyment of many and in turn they will strive to preserve and maintain the forest for continuous use.
Very often, we go camping, hiking and also doing many ourdoor activities without realising who are the people who had created all these facilities for us. It is vital that we will participate to help building facilities for the use of many. It is also important to let our Scouts to understand how to preserve and also looking after our environment. As part of of our training, we " learning by doing".
More info will be published about the coming trail building session, please let us know if you are keen to be involved. This project will take us another 6 months to complete. HAPPY SCOUTING!

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