Friday, January 6, 2012

New District Commisioner for Zon Bangsar

I am pleased to inform that my tenure as a District Commisioner of Zon Bangsar is completed. I would like to thank all the Scouts in the Zon Bangsar and Bukit Bintang District for the support since 2007. It has been a great experience and wonderful journey for myself to serve the District and the Scout Movement of WPKL. It is not easy to be a Scout leader and is certainly a very challenging task as a DC in KL with more than average 50 schools in one Zon. Th Scout movement is voluntary and is not so easy to get your team to work. Many choose to talk , complain but with Zero action. It is not difficult to recruit a District team as many leaders aiming for the post , medals or beads. In reality, how many are really dedicated and can work as a team . As a Scout leader, we really need to devote our time and commitment to build the movemnt with very limited support and resources.

However, this is really a great personal achievement and wonderful experince. I have made many friends from different levels and diferent age groups. Chai has been my best ADC since I joined the Bukit Bintang District in 2008, I met Chai in 2007 in one of the King Scout Standardisation camp held at Taman Rimba Kiara. Chai is a very commited Scout and I always pay a very high respect to him, he is doer more than a loud speaker. I wish to take this opportunity to thank Chai as he was definitely my best ADC during my tenure as DC for the District. The Distrcit really require more committed Scout leaders like Chai, we produced not less than 100 King Scouts in WPKL for the past few years and Chai is definitely one of the key contributory.

I would like everyone in the District to welcome Chai as the new Distruct Commisioner of Zon Bangsar and I stronly believe Chai will do a very good job for the District.

Once again, thanks for the opportunity given to me and all the supports rendered. If i had in anyway offended anyone during my tenure as a DC, please accept my sincere apologies. It is very difficult to satisfy everyone and get work done within budget and time frame. I learned form my senior Mr Lau Bneg Fong, a senior member of 5th KL, Confusion Scout Group. In the journey of success, someone will need to sacrify and is inevitable to offend somebody, just do things that you believe is to the best interest of the movement.

Last but not least, Congratulation Chai, you well deserved to be promoted to lead the District, with your speak less and do more attitude. We need more people like you in WPKL. I strongly believe the Distrcit will go to another height with your leadership. You can be rest assure that I will be still around to support the District in whatever way I could.

Thank you!

Yours in Scouting

Kenneth Soh
DC Zon Bangsar 2009-2011

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