Thursday, February 3, 2011

291st KL Scout Group - Open Group

Who are we?

The 291st KL Scout Group is a registered Open Scout Group under the Scouts Association of Malaysia (Incorporation) Act 1968 and the Policy, Organisation and Rules of the Scouts Association. Open Scout Group is not a sponsored group under Rule 179(1) of the Policy, Organisation and Rules. This Group is not attached to any organisation such as churches, universities, schools, institutions or armed services.

What we believe in?

The 291st KL Scout Group believes in the principles of scouting as found in Scouting for Boys and Aids to Scoutmastership. Towards this end, trainings and Programmes are designed towards achieving the aims of scouting, and the badge scheme as set by the Scouts Association is followed. This Group aims towards the OPEN worldwide fellowship of scouts and guides.

Where are we?

The 291st KL Scout Group is primarily based in the Bangsar Scout District, Kuala Lumpur. Troop Meetings are held in the ground of several schools and organisations who have graciously allowed our presence. We are OPEN to the great open air of outdoors.

Who can join us?

The 291st KL Scout Group is OPEN to all youths under the age of 18 years, from membership in Cub Pack, Scout Troop to Senior Scout Troop. All you need is your parents' / guardian's consent. This Group is OPEN to your parents' / guardian's participation.

For Further Information Pls visit us at

FaceBook:- 291st KL Scout Group,Bangsar WPKL.

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